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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, or also sometimes known as “Posh Spice” from the ex-Spice Girls fame is a gorgeous, stylish and trendy woman in every manner there is. Wherever she goes, she is bound to be in the highlight for fashion style including her hairstyles. She is a modern trend setter and fashion icon in every way and that is why the media and fans alike love her to no ends! Over the course of the years, Victoria Beckham’s haircuts have constantly changed. Still, let’s take a look at some of her better known haircuts.Victoria Beckham – Wearing Her Famous Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham - Wearing her Famous Bob Hairstyle

Victoria Beckham is actually blessed in the sense that she is able to look good in a variety of different hairstyles. Whether they are long or short; black or blond; she is able to take a hairstyle and make it her own. It is evident with her trend-setting bob haircuts.

Victoria Beckham - With a Pixie Cut

The Victoria Beckham bob haircut has been categorized in many different terms. It has been tagged as a modern trendy bob haircut, modern short haircuts for 2009 and many more. In addition, her haircuts was sometimes also referred to as the “Posh Bob” or simply “Pob” for short. Basically, the Victoria Beckham Haircut features straight asymmetric cuts that outline her face shape (therefore also labeled as asymmetric bob). It features either asymmetrical or symmetrical side-parting on the front and graduated layers at the back. She has also been seen wearing different variations of the bob haircut over the years.

Victoria Beckham

Regardless of the different hairstyles there is, the Victoria Beckham Haircut is one that is trendy and the idol of fashion-conscious modern women. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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