The Most Popular Short Hairstyles for 2013

Pixie Geldof - Short Pixie Style

The most popular short hair cut of the moment is the pixie cut. The pixie cut is cut close to the head and evenly short all the way around in a blend of the masculine and the feminine. This is the style sported by Anne Hathaway, and it looks great on nearly everybody. The pixie cut can be worn neat or messy, depending on how you’re feeling that day. You can also change the dimensions on the pixie cut; some choose to have longer bangs for a more wistful, soft look.

The Trendiest Short Hairstyle in 2013 is Sported by Anne Hathaway – The Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut is the Trendiest Short Hairstyle in 2013

Second in popularity to the pixie is the bob. The bob is known for its longer, smoother lines, but there are a number of variations on the bob theme. One of the more popular variations is the graduated bob, where the hair closest to the face is longer than the hair at the nape of the neck.

Bob Hairstyle for Short Hair

The line of the hair is angled down, creating an eye-catching effect. Bobs can also be any length you want, from your chin on down to your shoulders. Whatever short hair cut catches your eye, it’s bound to be a hit. If you’re tempted to try a new hair cut this spring, think short.

Bob Hairstyle Idea for Mid-Length Hair

Bob Hairstyle Variation for 2013 Season

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