Short Pageboy Bob Hairstyle for 2012

Paris Hilton Short Page Bob Haircut Style

The pageboy bob hairstyle had its heyday in the 50s and 60s but was boldly introduced by the flappers in the 20s. It was one of the variations of the bob haircut that has created a hair revolution, one of the many signs of rebellion of the women in that generation. Then it was considered an edgy and daring hairstyle for women. It got its name from an English servant boy called a page boy. The original pageboy hairstyle was a straight sleek cut up to the jaw bone paired with a full blunt fringe or bangs. Nowadays, the pageboy bob hairstyle is being presented in a lots of variations in length and in texture.

Paris Hilton Bob Hairstyle

A pageboy bob is meant for straight short hair or hair that reaches the jawbone. The modern take of a pageboy however, has it a little longer, almost reaching the shoulder. The classic pageboy bob with the ends curled under is also given a new twist with the ends flipped outwards in what is called a reverse pageboy. This is a great looking transition hairstyle for women who are not yet fully committed to a short hairstyle.

Rihanna’s Bob Hairstyle

Other variations of a pageboy bob hairstyle is a wavy or lightly curled pageboy for a softer more feminine look. Women with naturally wavy hair can very well rock a wavy pageboy bob hairstyle. Others have even endowed the classic sleek straight cut with layers, even spiky layers, for an edgier look. Although the original pageboy bob is paired with blunt bangs, a wispy fringe will serve the purpose.

Keri Hilson Bob Hairstyle

The pageboy bob hairstyle is a very easy-maintenance hairstyle, whether it is a straight or wavy pageboy bob. It has retro feel to it that is very much in keeping with the current retro/ vintage trend. One lady who has adopted the pageboy bob as her signature hairstyle is Anna Wintour of Vogue. This classy chick has worn a pageboy bob for ages in spite of the many trendy hairstyles that come and go. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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