Short Hairstyles Trends for 2014

Short Sassy Hairdo for 2014 season

Short hair, so much easier to manage than long hair. The year 2014 has just the style for you. Are you tired of spending a long time fixing your long tresses in front of your bathroom mirror? Wouldn’t you rather be out and doing? A short trendy hair style will do just that.

This coming season of 2014 has all the smart, sassy, sexy cuts. Do you have a wave to your hair? The right cut will frame your face with cute curls that move with all your head movements. Don’t forget all the beautiful colors that can be done.

Charlize Theron – Trendy Short Hair Look for 2014 Season

2014 Hairstyle Idea for Short Hair by Charlize Theron

How would you like a daring, smart look. There are all kinds of colors, like green, blue, darkest purple and many more. Now they have a style called waving that takes a light color and smoothly brings it down to a slightly darker color. This is both trendy and elegant.

To get a flawless look, make sure you take your face shape, hair texture and the color of your skin into consideration. Choosing the right length for you can be quite easy with the help of your stylist. He or she can help you find the right cut and color for you.

Short Blonde Hairstyle for 2014 Season by Kimberly Wyatt

Short Blonde Hairstyle for 2014 Season by Kimberly Wyatt

The new cuts of 2014 can also take years off your face. Start feeling young and sexy by making the decision to go to your favorite salon and get that trendy cut you have always wanted. Spend less time in front of the mirror and more time having fun.

One more thing for consideration is make up. With a trendy short cut you need less. The natural look is in and it feels great. That means less money spent on face makeup and once again less time applying face makeup in front of the mirror.

Take the time now and go in for that trendy, sexy hair cut you have always wanted. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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