How To Style Short Hair With Bangs

Messy Hairstyle for Short Hair

Adding bangs to a short hair cut can be a great way to give yourself a whole new look. The fun part having short hair with bangs is, they can be shorter or longer than the rest of your hair—how you choose to style your bangs is entirely up to you.

For people who want the look of having longer hair without the hassle, long, angled bangs on a shorter cut are a great option. They add the look of length without having anything tickling the back of your neck. In contrast, adding shorter bangs to a long, layered bob gives a more classic, retro look that’s really in season right now.

Short Hairstyle with Bangs

For those who are uncertain about short hair with bangs, adding longer, side-swept bangs gives you more styling options. You can curl them up and let them lie flat on your forehead when you’re in a bang kind of mood; you can let them sweep gently in an angle on your forehead; or, you can pin or spray them back, for a completely bang-less look.

Short Haircut Style with Bangs

Bangs add immediate dimension and interest to any haircut, now matter how long—or short—it is. Just keep your face shape—and your hair texture—in mind when making the bang decision. Curly hair is more difficult to style into a bang, and different bang styles work better on certain face shapes. Ask a stylist if you’re not sure. Then, get ready to look at yourself in a whole new way: with a bang.

Side Swept Bangs for Short Hair

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