2012 Short Spiky Hairstyles for Women

Short Spiky Hair

You can never mistake short spiky haircuts for women as traditional or classic hairstyles. They are definitely the hairstyles for the modern women who are not afraid to be different. All hair textures can get short spiky cuts and all women with all face shapes can get short spiky hairstyles for women. All hair lengths can also be endowed with short spikes as long as the top section of the hair is cut shorter for the spikes.

Short spiky hairstyles for women embrace some trendy styles of curly, wavy and straight hair with spikes. The style can be achieved using mousse, gel, hair sprays or wax and these hair products also maintain the volume and style. These short spiky hairstyles for women are the preference of young girls since these hairstyles give them a funky and wild look young girls favor. But these short spiky hairstyles for women need regular trimming and the right hair care to maintain the style.

When choosing short spiky hairstyles, women should take into consideration their face shapes. Spikes are not suitable for women with long or oblong faces since the spikes make the face look longer. But this does not mean that they can’t have spikes if they wish to. The best way to counteract the elongating effect of spikes is to provide the cut with layers at the level of the chin for balance. Women with round faces will benefit much from short spiky hairstyles for women. The spikes will make the face look longer and will highlight the facial features.

Spikes can be created on short spiky hairstyles for women very easily with the use of wax or gel. If you want to style your hair with spikes all you need to do is to dry your hair and section them into small parts. Apply gel or mousse on the sectioned hair and create the spikes as you choose. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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