2012 Popular Short Hairstyles for Girls: Side Part Haircuts

Side Parted Short Haircut Style

Some of the most appealing and popular short hairstyles for ladies are side part haircuts, especially deep side part styles. These hairstyles radiate a mysterious appeal and irresistible aura that are totally alluring. Providing a short hairstyle with a deep side part is the secret to give a short hairstyle a lot of volume and a fascinating flair that flatters almost all face shapes. Popular short hairstyles for ladies; side part haircuts are very versatile hairstyles that look great on women with oval faces as well as women with round, heart or oblong faces.

Dependent on women’s facial feature, these hairstyles can create silhouettes that could be trendy, traditional, elegant, casual or sophisticated depending on how the part is created or styled. Providing a short hairstyle with a side part is the most refreshing and easiest way to change a woman’s looks and effectively camouflage facial flaws at the same time highlights the best facial features.

It doesn’t really matter if the side part is created on the right or the left side, the effect is the same! A cute and lovable look! Some of the side part haircuts are pixies, short bobs, short layered hairstyles, Mohicans or punk hairstyles. Pixies, short layered hairstyles and short bobs can be worn by women of all ages but Mohican and punk are best styles for teenagers. Bangs may or may not be added to these hairstyles, but if fringes or bangs are to be added just keep in mind that the type of bangs should suit the face shape of the wearer. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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