Three Low-Maintenance Haircuts For Men

Gerard Butler Haircut Idea for men

Hair can be extremely frustrating to style. You can spend hours in front of the mirror getting it just right only to walk outside and have the wind or rain mess it up. Four easy to maintain low-maintenance haircuts for men are the buzz cut, the fade, and the high and tight and shaved bald.

Nothing is simpler than taking a pair of clippers to your head and buzzing your hair off. This may take you ten to fifteen minutes to shave it off, but once your head is shaved you don’t have to worry about doing it for another couple of months.

Another benefit to buzzing your head is that you are pretty much ready to go anywhere instantly. You don’t have to worry about bedhead. It also drastically shortens your shower time. The shorter your hair is the less time it takes to wash it.

If buzzing your head is out of the question you may wish to consider getting a high and tight. If you are not familiar with this hair cut just think about what a US Marine looks like. They are pretty much the people who made the high and tight hair cut what it is.

If the high...

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Elegant Hairstyles for Cheap

Elegant Hairdo 2015

When you’re at home watching the award shows full of celebrities on television, you may wonder how much it would cost you to get the hair that Rihanna or Taylor Swift has. The truth is…nothing! There are several very elegant styles the stars use that you can pull off with just a few tools and products, and a little know-how. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great look.

One great style that costs almost nothing to fix is the high-crown look. Whether you are wearing your hair into an updo, half-up do, down or even in a ponytail, having a high crown of hair can help you look very elegant and classy. Using a teasing comb and hair spray, backcomb the crown of your head and spray it before you let it lie down again, creating a smooth-on-top crown for any look.

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The Hottest Women with Short Hair – Victoria Beckham

VB - Hair

Victoria Caroline Beckham nee Adams is also popularly known as Posh Spice, her moniker as a Spice Girl. Spice Girls is the British pop group of the 90s that started Victoria’s singing career. Since she went solo, her career soared and now she is a celebrated songwriter-singer, model, fashion designer, actress and business woman. She also attained unparallel success as a globally acclaimed style and fashion icon and sealed that success when she appeared three times in one year on the cover of different editions of Vogue magazine.

As a trendsetter, Victoria Beckham’s short hairstyle has been imitated and replicated by thousands of women all over the world. She changes hairstyles frequently and is not shy about making radical changes, cutting her long hair to a very short pixie haircut, going from dark hair to blond; blond to dark. She is presently sporting a very short pixie haircut that has become the rage and was even given the name Pop, for Posh pixie. She looks fantastic in every hairstyle she chooses, even a spiky hairstyle.

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Modern Short Haircuts for Summer

2015 Short Summer Hairstyle

We’ve picked up some modern summer hairstyles for short hair. So take a sneak peak at the 2015 short haircuts for summertime that will be stylish and modish this year. Warning: Some crazy styles and crazy hair colors included!

2015 Short Modern Hairstyle


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Trendy Punk Hairstyles for Short Hair


After making a fashion debut in the 80’s, punk haircut styles have stayed around, in fashion, in various forms. Most people do not realize they are wearing a punk hairstyle, but punk it is. This type of hairstyle more often than not consists of ‘big hair’, a lot of hair products, and unlimited teasing, at least that was the 80’s version. Today, punk hairstyles have made a come back with bigger and better cuts, fringes, and raises.

The hair length is no longer a big factor in whether or not you have multiple styles to choose from when you decide for the punk rock haircuts, or trendy emo styles. Long or short hair can be styled to maximize a certain look you are trying to achieve, as well as be used to define or focus attention on prominent attributes. Most of the short punk rock hairstyles are made up of choppy layers, or spiky cuts that can be fluffed with your fingers for fullness or a tousled look. Another popular choice of short hairstyles is the Mohawk. This has become increasingly popular among mid to late teens and twenties population. These punk hairstyles ar...

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