Various Options for the Medium Curly Hairstyles

Medium Curly Hairstyle

The medium curly hairstyles are offering versatility and flexibility. You can choose the voluminous curls, romantic look, or the soft ringlets that can be worn for casual walk at the park or the important corporate meeting. There are several styles that you can consider, such as:

The Sassy Bob. This cut is the combination of modern and also classy style. the bob is a classic style that won’t look dull with modern twist. Simply add curls on the side parts of the hair so you can come up with girlish look that looks innocent and stylish for your appearance. This particular hair-do can last the whole day, so if you have very busy day, this style can help you look fresh and sophisticated without doing too much. This cut is good for those with diamond, oblong, or square facial type as it will soften the face.

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The Best Mens Hairstyles: The Various Cuts to Consider

short haircut for men

Some of the Best Haircuts for Men for Fall Season of 2014

There are some styles that are considered as the best mens hairstyles for 2014 season. Fashion doesn’t belong to female anymore; even men today want to look their best, including with the hairstyles that they have chosen. Their choices concerning the right cuts may not be as many as women’s, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t look stylish with their own manner and look. As long as you are able to choose a cut that matches your facial features and structure, you will certainly improve your look without exaggerating it. Several world class designers have also thought about the perfect hairstyles for men – shown during their exhibition along with their new launch.

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Pixie Cut, Short Shaggy Hair, Bob Hairstyle? All Styles are Great for Girls with Short Hair

Shag Hairstyle

Two great hairstyles ideas for the ladies who prefer short hairstyles

The first one is the pixie cut. While the pixie cut could be called disorganized, but no one will say that it is not stylish. The pixie cut is the style that can give a lot of emphasis to the beauty of your face. The pixie cut has been one of the most popular styles for many years already and it is not losing any popularity.

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What Are Some Short Hairstyles That Are Trending?

Short Hair Idea

I have recently gotten all craze over short hair and really want to do something about my hair and make that change. I have had long black hair for my whole life and now that I am turning 20 years old I think it is the perfect time to change my hair up. At first I was just thinking of dying my hair, but now that I have thought more about it I want to make a change that is more noticeable. I want to dye and cut my hair right before school,

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Rihanna’s Famous Short Hairstyles


The Most Famous Short Hairstyles Worn By Rihanna

Rihanna has been seen sporting various hairstyles. But perhaps the most frequent hairstyles sported by this feisty singer are various styles of short haircuts. Rihanna’s inverted bob features an asymmetrical cut which is tapered at the neck with a few long strands at the right side and a longer layered look on the left side framing her small face. The singer has also sported a short bob which is tapered all around just below her earlobes.

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