Creative Trends in Short Haircuts

Cute Short Pixie Cut by Karen Gillan

Short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular not only during spring and summer seasons, but throughout the year. Trendy short haircuts can now be worn even in formal occasions, such as proms and weddings, making it easier for short-haired girls to keep in style without being compelled to grow their hair long. Since creative trends in short haircuts hold no boundaries, you can look for a hairstyle to suit you perfectly based on the shape of your face, regardless of how straight, curly or kinky your hair is.

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Fashionable Accessories for Summer

2014 Summer Fashion

Accessories complete an outfit. A simple outfit will look super fabulous with the right kind of accessories. The latest trend in accessories for summer 2014 is all about colors; harmonized colors, clashing colors, screaming colors, all colors of summer. With one carefully selected colorful accessory you can create a perfect 2014 summer look. Bags, shoes, sunglasses, hats, belts, jewelries all these and more

The mood for summer is feminine, stylish and sexy. The same mood is carried over to the accessories trend for summer 2014. Some of these accessories are a hold – over from last year such as gold link chains and bracelets in abundance. Bags, shoes, sunglasses, hats, belts, jewelries – all these and more are the accessories for summer 2014.


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2014 Wedding Hair Colors


So you’re planning on getting married in 2014 and you aren’t sure what you should do in order to spice up your hair and make it look the absolute best that you can possibly get it. After all, you want a look that is easy to manage and that won’t fail you on your wedding day. But sometimes dyeing your hair is a safer solution and many people may find that they prefer it to cutting their hair right before such a big event. So what exactly are the latest dyeing trends for 2014 and what are some fabulous wedding hair colors for 2014?

First of all, red is becoming more and more popular and a lot more people are realizing that it is way preferable to harsh black or even brown. Red works for those who are paler and those with darker skin tones as well. It is a very, very versatile color.

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You Can’t Miss with a Short Pixie Haircut

Pixie Cut by Jennifer Hudson

While hairstyle trends come and go, there are some looks that are so incredible they remain classics no matter how often the trends change. Short pixie cuts are one such style, and they are always fashionable. Many stars have worn this look on the red carpet, and it is suited to any occasion.

Pixie cuts are not all alike. Subtle differences in the haircuts will give you a different look. If you want a look that is more casual and relaxed, then you want a soft pixie cut. A more chic look can be gotten by having a pixie cut with a razor. (Make sure you see a stylist before using a razor on your hair. Unless done right, razors can damage your hair.) Pixie cuts are perfectly suited for any hair type; in fact, they are great for those with fine hair because they can help make hair appear fuller. Those with very thick hair will appreciate how much lighter a pixie cut is. Pixie cuts are great for any face shape, especially round faces, and for any lifestyle.

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Summer-Friendly Short Haircuts


Contrary to popular belief, sporting a short hairstyle does not limit your options. Your pixie, bob or shag haircuts may look beautiful, confident and professional at any time of the day. From bob haircuts to lovely pixie cuts, short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular in 2014, so take a look in our picture gallery and find that perfect summer-friendly haircut style for season 2014.

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