The Right Tools for Short Hair

If you are staring at yourself in the mirror and admiring your new short hair style then you may be wondering how to carry on with the wonderful look that you had when you walked out of the hair salon. The thing is, without the right tools, you may find it a little difficult to recreate the lovely hair that you had when the hairstylist did it.

The first thing that you will need for short hair and especially the graduated bob is a good hair brush, preferably a comb and also some straightening serum and wax also. These both can be used to create sleek looks as well as spiky and more modern ones and can be used to get poker straight hair even when you do not have a set of hair straightening irons to hand.

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Short Pixie Haircut – Hairstyle for a Brave Woman


Check Some Super Cute Pixie Haircut Ideas

Men are not only interested in girls who wear long hair. Super short haircuts, like pixie cut, turn out to be an attraction for many men as well. Not only because they look trendy, men see women with short hairstyle as a strong and confident female! Pixie cut is such a sweet name for a haircut, however this type of short hairstyle was seen on some of the bravest, boldest and biggest celebrity stars in the last decades. Here are some famous ladies who have inspired all of us with this cute and brave short haircut style:

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Remedies Which Can Help You Fight Dandruff

We all have faced the problems pertaining due to dandruff at some point of time or another. There are many easy to do as well as follow home remedies which can help you fight dandruff and keep your scalp as well as medium length hair free from this menace. You can always seek medical help or salon treatments for severe dandruff problems and a flaky scalp. Till the problem is under your control it is always advisable to seek help at help and follow these less expensive remedial measures at home. Always remember that medium hairstyles are easier to maintain than long hairstyles and you can enjoy the best of shorter haircuts as well.

1. If you have some stale yoghurt which has gone sour or some curds, you can use it to apply on your scalp as well as your hair. Leave it on for an hour or so and then wash it away. It acts as a dandruff reliever and also a conditioner. What’s more is that you need not use harmful and expensive chemicals which, on the long run can lead to more damage.

2. We all keep vinegar handy in the kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator. Dark vinegar or cosmetic vinegar is also a great help when it comes to fighting dandruff. All you need is 8 tbsp worth of vinegar and some warm water in a mug. After you have shampooed your tresses, give it a final rinse with this vinegar blend with water. You can even use it to apply it across your scalp or hair and then leave it on for an entire night. If time is an issue, you can even it leave it on for a few hours. You can then choose to rinse your hair with plain water. Done regularly for a couple of months, it can not only reduce and fight dandruff but also prevent it.

3. The juice of a lemon can also be an instant reliever for an itchy scalp due to dandruff. Apply freshly squeezed out juice of a lemon to your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. Then wash it away with a normal shampoo.

4. Rosemary is also a great herb which will help you fight dandruff. It also helps in treating as well as preventing premature and unnatural hair loss.

5. A hot olive oil massage helps get rid of dandruff and also rejuvenates your medium hairstyle by providing the much needed blood circulation. You can choose to leave the oil on overnight or even for a few hours before you shampoo it. You can also follow the oil massage with a hot turban therapy which will help the oil seep into the pores of your scalp for a better conditioning.

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Hairstyles Tips for Girls with a Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond Face Shape

Those who have diamond shaped faces have a unique challenge – their foreheads and chins are narrow, but their cheeks are wide. They have to find a haircut that suits them, but thankfully, there are lots of hairstyles that will suit a diamond shaped face.

At the moment, the most popular haircut for diamond faces is the fringe hairstyle. With this style, layered bangs can be teased and make width for the head and draw attention away from the face. A classic bob can also be a great hairstyle, but you need to be sure that it isn’t cut too closely to your head. You want to make your face appear more oval, and these styles will help you to do that.

Adding body at the top of your head will keep your hair falling further from your face naturally. If you cover any part of your face, you’ll shorten it, so try your very best to keep your hair off of your face. Increase volume, but don’t minimize your forehead.

Medium length and longer styles will look best with diamond shaped faces, but make sure that there is plenty of volume at the top. You will also want the layers tapering into your shoulders, as this will give you more of a modern look. If you have straight hair, don’t add to much volume on top or it will detract from your appearance but if your hair is curly, lots of volume and long hair can be extremely flattering. Remember that you’re looking for balance, and that is the key thing with a diamond shaped face.

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2015 Short Haircuts for Girls with Black Hair Color


Black is a beautiful hair color, and should always be embraced. Black hair is the envy of many women, as it has a mysterious look yet is naturally highlighted so that it almost seems to glow. Many girls have beautiful black hair, and there is a perfect short hairstyle for them. Short curls are always cute, and when paired with accessories such as flowers look excellent on many girls. Some girls are opting for short braids or even waves, which are great styles but may require a little more styling time, depending on the particular style.

Bridget Kelly - Short Black Hair

For very active ladies, short haircuts are the best. A pixie cut is a nice short do’. There is the traditional pixie, which has the hair cut very short all the way around, but there is also the newer, layered pixie cut, which will show off a girl’s highlights and hair beautifully. This style will work for any girl, and is a quick, easy style to style and maintain. In fact, just the fingers are needed to style this haircut!

Amy Newbold with Short Black Hair

Bobs are another great style for girls who have black hair. Inverted, asymmetrical, angled, or any other kind of bob will show off a girl’s highlights, and will make sure that her hair looks its best. Bobs can be adjusted to suit any girl and any lifestyle, so whether a girl is very active or not, there is a bob haircut that will suit her perfectly. Layers are often used in bob hairstyles and the layers are excellent for showing off the natural beauty of black hair. Layers can also make it a bit easier to style hair, and they give a lot of versatility to a style, because they can be changed around to suit the occasion.

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