Get That Trendy Look For Your Short Haircuts Using Highlights

2015 Short Summer Hairstyle

Get That Trendy Look For Your Short Haircuts Using Highlights

Short simple hair is in for 2016. Doing something different with your short hair, such as adding color, will help you to remain in the trend.

A bob haircut works really well for someone who has a square face. Adding red color to this haircut will help to give it a trendy look. If you have side bangs with your haircut, you should add blonde hair color on them. This will help to give your face an extremely cool look.

You can also try black or blonde color on your short bob haircut as well. You can experiment with different color contrasts, just be sure that the colors complement each other and look beautiful on your hair.

If you have chosen to go with the short pixie haircut, try adding a light golden color to it. This will help to enhance the color of your complexion and give a somewhat funky look to your overall appearance.

Having two-tone hair color for your pixie haircut also works really well. You can do a contrast such as blond color with brown. Also try adding copper color to your hair as well. This color works best with the pixie or an asymmetrical haircut.

Trying the spiky pixie haircut using a blonde hair color will put you in the extreme trendy hairstyle for today. For the asymmetrical haircut, try adding in black and purple to make a great contrast. This combination works really well with this type of haircut.

Using an ombre color for your short hair will also contribute to a trendy cool look. If you have a lot of curly hair or wavy hair, you have to try block color on them. This will help to enhance your hair’s beauty and help to give it a unique look.

Red highlights work great for any cut, they help to give you a somewhat funky look while keeping it cool. If your haircut contains full bangs, you can use a dark color such as a dark brown to color the ends.

This will help to highlight the bangs better and make them stand out. If you have side bangs, you can try multi tone hair color, which will help to give them a funky glamorous look.

If you are looking for something that is exotic and unique for your wavy hair, try adding orange hair color to it. Emo cuts are very much in trend at the moment. If you have an emo haircut you can try adding various hair color to give your hair a trendy funky look.

These are just some of the few ideas that you can use to highlight your trendy short haircut.

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Hairstyle & Your Body Shape


A flattering hairstyle is important to give a dazzling appearance to your personality. A good hairstyle can highlight your best asset and make you look your younger. Always consider a haircut, which best suits, body shape. The hair texture should also be taken into consideration before going for a haircut. A perfect balance between a suitable hairstyle and a particular body shape determines a good look. There are few haircuts that suit a particular body shape.

The main objective for this kind of hairstyle should be to add some body and curve to the hair. Medium length and wavier hairstyles gives a feminine touch to the face. Long bangs and layers also suit this body type. However, with this body shape one should avoid long and straight hair, which further adds to their slimness.

For full and curvy body type:
Medium-length, layered haircut best suits this body shape. Side-partings and bangs also look good to this figure type. Too long hair should be completely avoided. Long and curly hair doesn’t suit them as well.

For petite body shape:

Medium or short length hair with layers go with their body shape. Smooth, loose hair gives them a professional look. Too long or too short hairstyle doesn’t suit them. High ponytails or braids should also be avoided.

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Short Inverted Stacked Bob Cut For Trendy Look This Summer


Layered & Inverted Stacked Bob Haircut for Girls with Short Hair

Here’s a great picture showing the amazing body & volume possible if you decide for the inverted stacked bob haircut! Her hair has been tinted blond with super strong blonde highlights throughout, which allow the darker color to show for texture and depth. The hair is high and rounded at the top, whilst the light layering creates a smoother look at the sides, before moving in to finish at chin length to accentuate a pretty face! This layered short bob haircut is great for thick hair, and perfect for girls with round, oval, diamond and square face shape.




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Help for Damaged Hair, Your Hair Should Look Healthy & Trendy


Some women experience dry, damaged hair. This is usually brought about by too many chemical treatments, do-it-yourself relaxers and hair colors, too much heat styling and other health problems. There are remedies, treatments and services to correct dry and damaged hair from hair salons but there are also ways that you can do at home to remedy damaged hair.

Damaged hair is normally dry, and an extremely damaged hair will feel like straw when wet and sometimes even spongy to the touch. It usually has split ends, look frizzy and breaks easily. When treated with color, damaged hair can turn patchy since it has unequal porosity that cause it to absorb color irregularly.

Damaged hair is also difficult to control and style.
One of the more simple and easy remedy to damaged hair is the use of conditioners. Thick and heavy conditioners hydrate and protect damaged hair. Another simple remedy is hot oil treatment. There are products available in the market for hot oil treatment application. A great homemade conditioning treatment is olive oil. Simply apply olive oil to damp hair, let the hair soak it in for a few minutes then rinse it out. The result is shiny beautiful hair on the way to being healthy hair.

If the do-it-yourself conditioning treatment will not work, your best recourse is a professional conditioning treatment at your favorite hair salon. It should be a rather inexpensive treatment where your stylist applies a special conditioning solution into your hair and scalp, cover it with a plastic cap and allows the conditioner to sink in totally by drying it under a hair dryer. There really is no best way to get rid of split ends but to get a trim. And at times the only solution for damaged hair is really to cut it off.

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Hair That Looks Great At 30 – Fun, Young & Chic Cuts!


Turning thirty may have had a bigger effect on you than you had anticipated. Suddenly, infact overnight, you can’t use twenty-something in conversation anymore when describing yourself.

Perhaps that is why thirty is one of the most popular ages for having a change of hairstyle. If you’re suffering from the ‘thirty blues’ or simply want to consider a new style that has been proven to look great on women in their thirties, then why not consider one of the following current and modern styles:

The Soft Pixie Style

Women in their thirties are often juggling career, family responsibilities and a social life. So a short hairstyle can not only be a practical choice, but it can give you a sleek and current look. A soft pixie look needs layers that practically ‘melt’ in. They will stop your sides from taking on that choppy look and instead will give you a fun yet grown-up style. This pixie look works especially well if you have a heart shaped face.

Glamorous Waves

This stylish look works on pretty much all hair types. To achieve the look roughly blow dry the hair, winding sections around a one inch curling barrel. Allow the curls to cool then tip your head upside down and gently work your fingers through the curls to tease them up. The result should be glamorous curls that will have you feeling fun and modern at thirty.

The Short Bob With a Fringe

Even if your hair isn’t naturally sleek and straight, a good pair of straighteners will easily have you faking this cool chic look. Consider a daringly short bob, and finish home styling with a good quality anti-frizz styling product.

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