Pictures of the Latest Short Hairstyles Worn by Celebrities

Summer is a perfect timing for a hairstyle makeover? So why wouldn’t you try the latest short celebrity haircuts. You’ll find everything from iconic bobs to the modern pixies. Here is the selection of the best short hairstyles for summer and fall season of 2014, so don’t wait and chop your hair today!

Antonique Smith: ...

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Date Night Hairstyles Ideas

Date Night Haircut Style

Date night is definitely a night where you want to impress the lucky guy that you plan on meeting up with. Maybe it’s a friendly date or perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more. But the question that you might be asking is—what hairstyles will catch his attention?

First of all, there’s the good ole ponytail. You simply cannot go wrong with a ponytail—it’s almost impossible. Make sure that the pony is neat and a little higher up if you want to draw a bit of attention to your eyes and other features. A lower ponytail is nice and great for if you want to look a little bit more low-key. But the main thing that you need to remember is that everyone wears ponytails and he may not really notice much with one.

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A Few Must Have Hairdos For Short Hair For Men

Chris Tremlett - Haircut Style

A Couple of Must Have Haircuts For Short Hair For Guys for Summertime 2014

Men’s casual hairstyles can be best described as an easy going and free-flowing look, and ones where the hair falls into place on their own. Short hairstyles in men are very practical and can be worn everyday at work, home, or on the weekends. They can be styled in a variety of ways that include short and medium spikes, heavy taper cuts, ruffled layers, one length looks, razor-cuts, messy layered cuts, and wavy and curly hairstyles.


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Popular Bob Hairstyles for Summer Season

Short Bob Hairstyle Photo

A bob haircut is a short or medium length cut that is cut straight across the head, usually at jaw level. The bob is often accompanied with bangs and/or a small amount of layering. Bobs have come in and out of fashion over the years. The reason this haircut has remained so popular is that it is a classic style which suits almost every face type. So check some great bob haircuts ideas for hot summertime:

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The Two Best Short Hairstyles For Summer 2014

Short Summer Haircut

With summer fast approaching it’s a good idea to start thinking about that short haircut you have always wanted. Fun, flirty, and very cool to the skin, these two haircuts are sure to look great on you no matter your style, face shape, or hair type.

The Classic Pixie

Pixies have come back into style again these past couple of decades, and now it’s a classic look that rarely shocks anymore. Pixies make fantastic summer haircuts because they don’t get in the way of your activities and keep your neck and face cool in the hot days. (Just don’t forget to apply more sunscreen.) Some women believe their face is too round, but a good fringe and taper can elongate your face and make a pixie cut really shine. They are also very clean...

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