2015 Hairstyles For Short Hair – Cute And Messy Haircuts

Messy Short Haircuts 2015

Trendy Hairstyles Ideas 2015 for Girls who Prefer to Wear Short Hair

The popularity of hairstyles for short hair has increased in recent years, especially with more models sporting short haircuts. They are popularizing the cute and messy look of many shorter hairstyles. The merit of having short hair is that you only need to spend few seconds before you are ready and off to work or when going for an evening out on the town. The process involved in coming up with cute and messy hairstyles for short hair is very easy and can be altered simply for more serious needs (like an important meeting or a job interview).

Hairstyles for short hair that give you a cute and messy look don’t mean you have to look unkempt or like you just got out of bed (although as you’ll see that’s not always a bad look). There’s a fine line, after all, between messy on purpose and looking trashy without meaning to.

Some basic examples of 2015 hairstyles for short hair include the following:

Bed Head for 2015 Season

If you’re going for a sexy look that tells the world you’re a bit on the wild side, a contrived ‘bed head’ look is not a bad choice. It’s one of the hairstyles for short hair that either works for you or it doesn’t, but it’s worth a shot. Break out the gel or hairspray and experiment. You want a style that looks natural and walks the line between ‘I just got out of bed, aren’t I cute?’ and ‘I’m not homeless.’ This is not a hairstyle you should try for everyday use, however. This is one to pull out for a special occasion.

Short Haircut for 2015 Season

Crazy Bob Hairstyle for 2015

Another way to give your hair a cute, messy look is to take one of the mainstays of hairstyles for short hair – the bob cut – and throw it a curveball. Do something unexpected with that boring bob. Change the part. Sweep it back and flip the ends. Plaster it to your skull with copious amounts of gel. Be radical for a day. You’ll survive, even if it’s not a big hit with your friends or that special someone. That’s always the risk with hairstyles for short hair when you try to go for the cute and messy look. You have to be courageous and try something a bit sensational. Like a ‘crazy bob!’

Crazy Bob Haircut 2015

Beach Look Style for 2015

Hang ten and become the cute surfer girl. One of the great hairstyles for short hair is the sun-bleached, frizzy look of just having come from the beach. Consult your hair stylist so you can achieve this look safely, though. It’s not worth it if you destroy the health of your hair using harsh chemicals or anything extreme like that. Better stylists can create this look for you so it looks authentic without stressing your hair too much. The ‘beach look’ is one of the best cute and messy hairstyles for short hair. Just be sure to wax your board before you put it away.

Beach Hairstyle for Short Hair 2015

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Cute Short Hairstyles 2015 That Are Flattering on All Face Shapes

Short Hair 2015

2015 Short Hairstyles Ideas for Any Face Shape

Short hair can be far easier to style than long hair. However, it can be difficult to find cute short hairstyles that are flattering to your face. The wrong hairstyle can draw the eye towards features you’d prefer to hide.

However, there are several short cuts that can flatter nearly any face. If you want to crop your hair, but are afraid you won’t like the cut, you should try one of these styles. There’s a very good chance you’ll love your new cut. In fact, you may never go back to long hair again.

Short Hairstyle 2015 for Any Face Shape – Emma Roberts with Bob Hairstyle

2015 Short Haircut Style

One of the best kinds of cuts is an a-line cut. These cuts are very short in the back, but allow you to keep some length around the face. They offer all of the benefits of a short style, but offer many of the conveniences of long hair as well.

You may also want to look at layered bobs. These bobs have a lot of personality, and are surprisingly easy to style. The cuts have a lot of texture, and look good even with minimal styling. This cut works well with both straight and wavy hair, and can flatter nearly every face shape.

Layered Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for 2015 Season - Sienna Guillory

Layered Bob Hairstyle 2015

If you’re interesting in shorter hair, but are still nervous about going too short, you may want to try a medium length cut. This type of cut allows you to slowly transition to cute short hairstyles. You can cut your hair little by little rather than all at once.

Blonde Bob Hairstyle for 2015 Trendy Look – Noomi Rapace

Bob Haircut for 2015

If you want to cut your hair, give these cute short hairstyles a try. No matter what you look like, there’s a good chance these hairstyles will help you look your best. Bring them up the next time you go to the hair salon.

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Trendy Short Hairstyles for the 2015 Season: What Hairstyles Should You Wear?

2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid

Trendy Short Haircuts for the 2015 Season: What Type of Short Hairstyle Should You Wear?

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle for next year, you have a lot of good options. There are a number of popular styles, and there’s something that can flatter just about any face. Take a look at these styles, and see if one of them might suit you. All these short hairstyles for 2015 season have been seen at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for Spring and Summer 2015 in Madrid, Spain.

Short Hairstyle 2015

Short Hairstyle Idea at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring-Summer 2015

Short Hairstyle Idea at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring/Summer 2015

Short Layered Hairstyle for 2015 Season

Short Layered Hairstyle for 2015 Season

Trendy Short Haircuts for 2015

Trendy Short Haircuts 2015

2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

2015 Short Hairstyle Idea

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Keeping Up with the Latest Hairstyles Trends


The fashion world is a branch or rather an extension of the human creative mind which keeps changing from time to time. The constant trends keep shifting back and forth according to likes and dislikes of designers and hairstylists. What seems attractive today becomes old fashioned tomorrow. There are times when the hairstyles of the yesteryears seem to catch fascination among the youngsters of today. This shifting cycle keeps happening as new creative styles come up while certain sections of art travel back in time to revive the old trends.

Short Hairstyle at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring/Summer 2015 - Devota & Lomba - Runway

There are enough options of hairstyles but you need to choose what you feel comfortable and confident with. It could sound offbeat or unique and make you look like a showstopper or people may find you strange. The confidence you project when you don a hairstyle can be a trendsetter in your area of work. One of the latest hairstyles you can try is the updo hairstyle. This is a very interesting style which involves some of the strands hanging free, curled up into ringlets. The half updos can be another option with only part of the tresses being curled into locks while the rest is let loose and hanging free.

The elfin hairstyles are the hot favorites among short hairstyles. This style certainly seems to be top on the list among women who prefer short cut hairstyles. This style involves a crop cut where the hair is cut short enough to frame the face and lay close to the sides and back of the head. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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Various Options for the Medium Curly Hairstyles

Medium Curly Hairstyle

The medium curly hairstyles are offering versatility and flexibility. You can choose the voluminous curls, romantic look, or the soft ringlets that can be worn for casual walk at the park or the important corporate meeting. There are several styles that you can consider, such as:

The Sassy Bob. This cut is the combination of modern and also classy style. the bob is a classic style that won’t look dull with modern twist. Simply add curls on the side parts of the hair so you can come up with girlish look that looks innocent and stylish for your appearance. This particular hair-do can last the whole day, so if you have very busy day, this style can help you look fresh and sophisticated without doing too much. This cut is good for those with diamond, oblong, or square facial type as it will soften the face.

Curly Bob Haircut

The Tousled Shag. This cut is considered as the traditional A-line cut that looks playful and sexy at the same time. It can be applied for both short and medium hair. With the right color option, you can be the center of attention. The coolest thing about this cut is that it is suitable for all facial shape.

The Curl Dive. It is great for you if you have natural curly hair. If you have long or oval face, this cut is the best as it will ‘cut off’ your facial length.

The Romantic Curls. This type of hair-do has the curls starting from the upper crown all the way down to the end. With big and soft curls, this style is great when you have special night with someone special.

The Strawberry Waves. It is great to create dramatic and one of a kind effect. With reddish hair color and big curls starting from the ears, you can definitely look great with the medium curly hairstyles. With side swept bangs, you can be the center of attention by doing this simple hair-do.

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