Make Your Hair Shine With Some Accessories


Make Your Hair Shine With Some Accessories

Accessories have always been a part of hairstyles, but in the past hair accessories were generally smaller. They aimed to blend into the look rather than drawing attention to themselves. The past few seasons, however, larger accessories have been all over the runways, drawing attention to the hairstyles or fashions themselves. So far this year is no different as the catwalks have been full of large accessories of all sorts ranging from headbands to pearls to scarves. You don’t need to look farther the most recent fashion show to see plenty of examples of these accessories flawlessly complementing the hairstyles you see on the runway but here are some of the most notable examples in case you want to check them out.

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2015 Prom Hairstyles Tips for Various Face Shapes

2015 prom haircuts ideas

If you are looking for tips for prom hairstyles, you have come to the right place. To attain the best prom hairstyle, you need to consider two factors upon selection of the perfect hairdo. Think about the latest hairstyle trends and the shape of your face.

The latest prom hairstyle trends for 2015 season mainly deals with the natural look. There will be no need of having a hairdo that basically looks like it has been glued to your head. Big hair is so yesteryear. What is most liked nowadays is carefree hair loosely swaying without the restriction of hairsprays.

A crucial element in choosing the right hairstyle for your prom would be your face shape. There are different hairstyles for various types of face shapes.
If you have a round face, adding height with the hair will make your face appear longer. When wearing your hair down, you should let your hair stay close to the sides to conceal the chubbiness of your face. Whether you will go for a wavy or straight hairdo, avoid putting weight at the sides since it will only give your face a rounder look.

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Short Choppy Hairstyles for Spring and Summer


2015 Short Choppy Haircuts for Spring and Summer

Hairstyles these days have surely evolved from the basic conservative cuts to the modern irregular haircuts. The modern era has brought with it the various hair trends which include the short choppy hairstyles. Indeed these hairstyles have become popular and fashionable among many people all over the world as more and more celebrities choose to sport this type of hairstyle.

Short choppy hairstyles pave a way for more stylish haircuts by turning simple cuts into elegant and sophisticated ones. Although a short choppy hairstyle may not be suitable for everyone, it does enhance the looks of some individuals. What is good about short choppy hairstyles is that most of them look great on just about anybody. And although basically good for any type of face, short choppy hairstyles are particularly best for people who have round or oval shaped faces.
A short choppy hairstyle is generally characterized by layers and shags. And it is generally for straight hair only.

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How to Wear Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular today. This is because growing long hair can take an awful long time at an average of 1cm per month! With hair extensions, you can get beautiful long hair in a jiffy! For that purpose, I have some vital tips for you.

Generally, there are two different kinds of hair extensions – synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. The latter tends to be the more popular choice due to its natural look and ability for heat to be applied to it.

Basically, it is very easy to wear hair extensions. They come in many different colors, thickness and length to suit different individuals. All you really need is to clip-in these pieces of hair.

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2015 Prom Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Prom Hair 2015

Finding the right hairstyle for prom doesn’t have to be a source of frustration, tears, and stress. If you have medium hair, the possibilities are nearly endless for your hairstyles. Medium hair is the best of both worlds. You get the ease of maintenance that comes with short hair, but you are still able to put your hair up, down, or half-up in many different styles like long hair. If you have medium hair, your hair falls somewhere between your shoulders and the bottom of your neck.

A very simple style for prom is to wear you medium hair loose. Part it either on the side or in the center and let it flow down towards your shoulders. Curl the ends so that they just brush your shoulders. If you have bangs, great! Curl them under, sweep them to the side, or even have wispy bangs that just brush your forehead for a beautiful look. This look is soft, touchable, and very feminine.

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