2016 Hairstyles Tips – Updo Hair, 3 Quick Ways to Put Up Your Hair

Since having long hair is back in style, it is essential that you know how to quickly put your hair up in order to keep it out of the way. Let’s face it—if you aren’t used to having longer hair, it can get EVERYWHERE! In between your backpack and your back while you’re walking (ouch), sat on, and just in all sorts of situations where it is likely to be pulled. So how can you, cutely, put your hair up to get it out of the way?

First of all, there is a ponytail. It might seem like your everyday, usual hairstyle but when your hair is longer, you may want to think about putting it up in a high ponytail. You will have to first brush your hair back into a regular ponytail and then brush underneath to get it to the desired height.

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4 Reasons You Should Leave Your Hair Natural

Natural Hair 2016

1. It can be damaging to your. We’ve all heard this, blah-de-blah, but look at someone who has fried their hair from excessive heat. Their hair is brittle, hard, dry, and just gross looking. What’s attractive about that?

2. It cuts down on your styling time. When you don’t have to sit there and style and curl and add product after product to, it can be a lot easier to shorten your morning ritual.

3. You can do some styling at night. Let’s face it—you can curl your hair overnight while you’re asleep—why do this when you’re awake and damage your hair with the additional heat?

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How To Correct A Bad Home Haircut

If you have decided to take a snip at your hair at home and it has gone horribly wrong then you need to know where you can turn to in order to fix it. One of the things that you must have to hand before you leave the house is a hat.

Thankfully, this does not have to be a baseball cap or anything quite so young looking, you can even use a headband and pull the hair back into a pony tail as you rush to the hairdressers for them to correct it.

One of the first things that you need to realize is that there is no need to panic. These things happen to the best of us and we have all had a bad hair day at some point or another. Calm yourself down and begin by ringing your favorite hairdresser. There will always be a way for these fabulous people to be able to sort out your hair in a short amount of time and they will have you looking great and fabulous again in no time!

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Long Hairstyles for the Professional Women


Professional women need a hairstyle that is simple and require very little maintenance. They are too busy to spend plenty of rime styling their hair and primping in front of the mirror. On the other side of the coin, they need a hairstyle that shouts chic and glamour, efficiency and competence as well as power and self confidence, such a tall order for a hairstyle! Impossible as it may seem, there are hairstyles that will fit the bill, hairstyles that will impress the boss and colleagues and match your keen business sense. Take a look at the following long hairstyles for career girls:

This is the simplest long hairstyle of all but one of the most appropriate long hairstyle for professional women. A sleek high ponytail exudes confidence style. It is also the best solution to bad hair days or mornings when there is not enough time to shampoo.

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Preparing Your Hair For a Fancy Occasion

Getting the hair done for a wedding can be a tough task and also deciding on the right style may not be easy. But men and women who are getting ready for occasions such as these may be bothered on styling their long, medium and short hair and some women may even think of using hair extensions. Hairstylists offer you different options such as half updos, or full updos, long hairstyles, short hairstyles, medium length hairstyles.

In case you are a student and want to set your hair for some college function then probably you can choose one of the funky types like emo or scene hairstyles. What matters is that you get the right hairstyle with a good combination of clothes, shoes and other accessories and perfume.

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