Best Hairstyles for Girls with Round Faces – Bob Haircut, Pixie…

Round Face Hairstyle Idea copy

Women blessed with a round face sometimes find it difficult to find a hairstyle that will complement their face. A round face is normally wider on the forehead and fuller in the cheeks. A round face also sometimes comes with a shorter neck.

To correct or at least mask these flaws, hairstyles for a round face should create the impression of a longer and thinner face. The hairstyle should also draw away the attention from a full cheek and instead emphasize an outstanding or beautiful feature such as the eyes. Here are some ideas of the best hairstyles for a round face:

Choppy pixie haircut
A choppy pixie haircut like that of Ginnifer Goodwin’s emphasizes the eyes and brings out the cheekbones giving a round face a more prominent cheekbone. The choppy cut at the top of the head also provides height that gives the face a slimmer and longer look.

Angled bob haircut
An angled bob haircut with long dramatic layers that feather the chin and gets shorter at the nape of the neck generates angles and structures that balance the soft lines of a round face

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Mature Ladies – Hairstyles Myths

As you grow in years, you also grow in wisdom. You now know what looks best for you in terms of hairstyles. You no longer follow trends just because they are what everybody else are wearing. But at the same time, you should also be able to distinguish the truth and reality from the usual mature hairstyle myths like the following:

Dark hair is not for a mature women
This is one mature hairstyle myth that women with naturally dark hair have proven to be just that, a myth. Dark hair is not at all aging, in fact the choice of the right shade of dark color can be very flattering, won’t make you look older and will bring to the surface the quality of your skin tone.
Of course, a lighter hair color will conceal graying hair but darker hair tones with lowlights and highlights exquisitely applied will have the same effect of hiding the grey and making you look younger at the same time.

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Quick Styling Tips for Trendy Summer Hair

summer short hairstyle

There are many hair styling tips which will allow you to make your hair styling session safer and more efficient. By changing a few simply aspects of your morning hair-styling routine, you can make your hair look healthier as well as make your morning run a bit more smoothly.

1. Using a nozzle with your hairdryer can be particularly effective in allowing you to blow dry your hair more smoothly and effectively. The best part about nozzles and diffusers is that they can be used to blow dry any type of hair- curly, wavy or straight!

2. Make sure your hair is dry. If you are using a flat iron or curling iron, you will want to make absolutely positive that you hair is completely dry. If you try to apply a heating iron to wet hair, you will run the risk of severely damaging or burning your hair. Even if a small piece of your hair is only moderately damp, you best option is not to risk it.

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Finding the Best Hair Color

face shape

As time goes on, more and more companies have introduced different types of hair colors. In addition to tis, there are many products a person can choose from, making decision making for him more and more difficult. The marketing strategies of many hair coloring companies would also vary and this also contributes to the dilemma of choosing the right hair color.

To sum up all the types of hair color, here is the list. Hair colors may range from tints, semi-permanent, to permanent. There are also those that are organic, bleach, metallic, lighteners. But many people need not understand everything and all the words that hair color comes along with. There are basically three type, to be honest. These are the semi-permanent, the tints and bleach.

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Short Hairstyles for Teens

short hair teens

When the moms can flaunt cute short hairstyles why the girls should remain behind. As a matter of fact, the teenagers are more fashionable than the adults especially in the world hat has been caught by the popular media, which keeps on spreading the fashion trends all over the world. When it comes to short hairstyles for school going girls and teenagers, moms are often wondering whether it is a right decision or not but these days, most of the teens take their own decisions especially when it comes to fashion and styles. Most all girls know that short haircuts are the right solutions for exuding new confidence and style and at the same time, they also know that short hairstyles are big time savers in the morning when they have to rush to schools.

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